“Saksaksinagol” is a Cebuano word. It is a portmanteau of “saksak” (to shuffle) and “sagol” (to mix). The word is apt for this site and for its purposes. What then is Saksaksinagol.com all about?

Above all, the site is not a random assortment of posts about anything. An assortment, yes, but never random. In here you will find prose and verse written in either Cebuano or English. Haring Wati primarily writes them, but you will also find occasional contributions from his friends.

Putting down thoughts, feelings, and reflections into writing can serve some valuable purpose. These things have the quality of “saksaksinagol,” but when you start writing about them, you cannot (and should not) write about them in a “saksaksinagol” way. Otherwise, your composition will head off to nowhere in particular.

Most of the entries on this site document pieces of wisdom that site authors pick up from living their days. They document the complex plot, the multicolored episodes, the peaks and valleys, the light and darkness, the defeats and victories, the ecstacy and the grief, the happinesses and the sorrows, of this ongoing narrative that is called Cebuano Life.

You can find a lot in here. Mostly, you will find insights—both conventional and unique. There are self-confessions, self-admonitions, self-deprecations, self-praises, and self-compliments. In a sense, this site is a private conversation between you and the author(s).

You can also find tips and other practical ideas on how to wiggle your way through Cebu and her people.

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