An Afterthought

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Jan 012004

An afterthought
is an unintended thought–it comes undesired;
an intention running second in the race,
where a forerunner cuts the ribbon first before others do.

An afterthought
is a leftover thought–
it is what’s left when all other thoughts
have been thought of.

I become an afterthought
when you think of me only
when nothing else is left for you to think about;
when I take second, third, fourth place in your life.

An afterthought is a mere addition
an appendage, an add-on.
It does not create worth,
nor adds worth,
nor its presence or absence matters–
after all, it is just an afterthought.

An afterthought is a side thought–
something inessential,
something not indispensable,
something irrelevant or immaterial
to the narrative currently unfolding.

An afterthought is a shadow.

(First published on my private blog in 2004.)

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