Haring Mangla


Haring Mangla, also known as the King Crab, is a frustrated writer here on Saksaksinagol.com. But despite the frustration, he is very determined and motivated to reach his goals. He considers himself a newbie in the world of pen-pushing but is willing to learn. Haring Mangla is also known as Alvin Ybañez in the real world.

Feb 032011

One time, on you I laid my eyes,
So fast did melt my heart of ice;
And burn within a raging fire,
Fueled by my deep desire.

I have breathed it like the air,
To live without it I can’t dare.
I have toiled it, seed in earth,
Until it sprung and ripe for birth.

Now it strikes down like a bolt,
Coming too fast and can’t be halt,
Taking control of my mind,
Oh please, release me from this bind.

Photo credit: “Desire” by andyp89 at http://andyp89.deviantart.com/art/desire-108367044?q=boost:popular%20desire&qo=189

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