Feb 122005

My past is awful and happy,
a past intimately woven into my present.
I have no control over what has been—
only in what is and will be.

Someday I shall be able to dance
with the horrible and lonely shadows
that spring from the tears in my past.
And not give them any power to make
my present become my future’s shadow.

When that day comes, I hope you’d still be there…
with me…when I could finally say,
“Wow, I had a happy past.”

And as for the Here and Now,
which tomorrow shall form part of my past,
I am glad to say it’s happy and awesome—
simply because you’re part of it,
and I love you
and you love me

(I wrote this piece way back in 2005 as an inscription on a Valentines Day greeting card that I gave to a friend.)

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