Itlog nga Pag-eggugma

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Sep 252017

Our love affair is like an egg
Nga kulang sa parayeg.
Wa lumlomi, natun-ogan —
Unwarmed by himongaan.

An egg is like my love for you,
Nagdamgo nga motubo.
Nag-waiting’s love nimong i-match
Aron kining egg mo-hatch.

Your love for me is such an egg
Giping-ut sa pasalig —
Imong saad, empty promise,
Bugnaw pa’s rigor mortis.

The days and nights flew by, apan
My love wa gitugbangan.
Wa mopisô — our love, there’s none
So, akong gilapwaan.

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Haring Wati

avatarHaring Wati (King Earthworm) is the idiosyncratic and eccentric king of, but before anything else, he is many things rolled into one. He writes for pleasure and incidentally makes a living out of it. He is die-hard Cebuano. He is also known as Elmer Montejo.

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