Love’s Deeds Suffice

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Sep 292017

To care without “I love you,”
to long without “I miss you,”
to yearn without “Be with me,”

tells aloud the story of

the quiet “I shall not leave you,”
the unsaid “I treasure you,”
the unspoken “I need us to be one,”
the unuttered “I suffer with you,”
the silent “I suffer for you,”
the voiceless “I rejoice with you.”

It tells of a love pure and true —

unmistakably, undeniably,
unquestionably, undoubtedly,

just there…
stubbornly present…

radiating in silence,
pulsing tenderly,
disclosing itself unaided,
wrapping the lovers
in a blanket of joy, safety, and comfort.

The tale of love requires only
that love be present and true,
to breathe life to it.

Such love requires no words.
Feeble words can never express it.

Love’s deeds are audible.
Love’s deeds suffice.

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