Nothing Is Undeserved

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Jan 012004

Do I deserve all these?

Yes. I do.

Nothing happens without a reason. I may not have the insight to understand the reasons right now, but my current inability to understand does not preclude the existence of reasons. Someday I shall understand.

Nothing happens that is undeserved. I deserve all the pain, as well as the pleasures. I deserve all the good, as well as the bad. I deserve all the tears, as well as the laughter. I deserve everything that happened to me, is happening to me, and will be happening to me.

Why? Because these are the things I’ve been asking for all along—whether consciously or unconsciously—and I deserve them. I have to learn to embrace them, and welcome them as part of me.

Who I am right now is meant for the things that I’m getting. The kind of person that I was, am, and will be attracts these very things. And I shouldn’t begrudge myself, or other people, because of these. After all, I’ve been asking the Universe for these.

If there’s one precious lesson that I rediscovered today, it is this:

Be careful what you ask for—you just might get it.

The Universe always grants your wishes—those that you make consciously, as well as the ones that your heart secretly murmurs. The Universe always grants your wishes, sometimes immediately, sometimes at a later time. Regardless of when your wishes are granted, the fact remains that once you wish for them, they will be granted.

The Universe doesn’t miss.

And with every wish that is granted comes a consequence. Nothing comes for free, I guess. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That’s the Law of the Universe. You don’t get anything for free.

Am I willing to pay the price?

I’m still paying the price.

(First published on my private blog in late 2004.)

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