Nov 132009

Tonight I kiss you with my eyes
whose gaze you meet so fleetingly
and briefly, just enough time
for them to utter
a wordless “I love you.”

Tonight I kiss you with my eyes
peering through unblinded windows
to that other world within you
where you hide a scared and lonely child.

Tonight I kiss you with my eyes
tenderly as a butterfly kisses the wings of a flower,
gently as the morning sunbeam comes in through my window,
and you held me there enraptured
in heavenly bliss amidst chaotic existence.

Tonight I kiss you repeatedly with my eyes,
and repeatedly you never kissed back.

(Inspired by #4 Cheese, a plastic cup half-full with peppered water, lined yellow paper with doodles, a shirt with print that makes it look like sleepwear, and Sara Teasdale)

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