Tonight She Was So Pretty

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Sep 012017

[ For R.A.F. ]

I saw a young, adorable girl,
and oh, she looked so pretty!
Brown crests, her hair tied in a bunch,
adorned her head — so pretty!

She spoke, I heard, her gentle voice,
and oh, it sounded pretty,
soft wind’s fingers caressing leaves,
t’was music — oh so pretty.

Askance I glanced at her warm smile
that made this night so pretty.
Near her I sat, so weak and still,
enamored by her pretty.

I shied from staring in her eyes —
for oh, they were so pretty —
Afraid that in her gaze I’d see
I wasn’t all that pretty.

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Haring Wati

avatarHaring Wati (King Earthworm) is the idiosyncratic and eccentric king of, but before anything else, he is many things rolled into one. He writes for pleasure and incidentally makes a living out of it. He is die-hard Cebuano. He is also known as Elmer Montejo.

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