Won’t Miss You. Goodbye.

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There are some things I must forget,
some folks I must let go.
Some dreams that I ought not abet,
some plans I must forego.

For things do break, not all folks stay,
and plans will sometimes fail;
some dreams just come then go away,
tears watering their trail.

To quit or stay, they both require
thought and courage plenty.
To clutch or throw away the mire:
choose and pick one wisely.

Of all I need to leave behind,
one thing I will not miss
nor wish it lingered in my mind
is worry’s deathly kiss.

So, yes, dear worry, leave now me
I have unlocked the door.
Run like a thief, take flight and flee —
Imprison me no more.


(Photo credit: “The door is open” by heph on DeviantArt.com)

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Haring Wati

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